Gijduvon Attractions

Gijduvon Attractions

Gijduvon Overview :

The small town of Gijduvon is not just renowned for its ceramic art but also for the influential Sufi saints and philosophers who had a great impact on the people in the 14th Century. The many Gijduvon Attractions in this town which is located 48 kilometers northeast of Bukhara was once the home of Abduholik Gijduvoni, the founder of Hodjagan school of Sufism.

On your, Uzbekistan Tours you will come across the many philosophical imprints left by the Gijduvoni on the Sufi order of Naqshbandi founded by Baha-ud-Din. Among the many Uzbekistan Destinations, this infamous town of great spiritual inclination is a must-visit in the country.

Gijduvon Attractions
Gijduvon Attractions
Gijduvon Attractions

What is Gijduvon Popular for?

The many Gijduvon Attractions are the pottery works, the juicy Gijduvan kebabs, the delicious halvah available in the local bazaar, and much more. Upon visiting the town on your Uzbekistan Tours you will encounter the popularity of Abdulkhalik Gijduvani who was a powerful Sufi saint of Nakshbandiya order. There is a beautiful memorial built close to the medrese of Ulugbek in his memory which is a famous Uzbekistan Attractions.

Ulugh Beg Madrasa of Gijduvon :

In the Bukhara region the Ulugh Beg Madrasa of Gijduvon is one of the few buildings and ancient monuments that have survived. The other Gijduvon Attractions are the madrasa of Ghijduvan and the Chashma-ye Ayyub of western Bukhara. The madrasa of Ulugh Beg constructed in 1420 portray the beginning of cultural rebirth in Bukhara and is a top choice among the different Places to Visit in Uzbekistan. Some many scholars and scientists are drawn to the madrasa from across the Muslim world who wished to expand their horizons in both knowledge and piety.

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