Darvaza Gas Crater

Overview About Darvaza Gas Crater :

Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as The Door to Hell seems like a hell with a kind of supernatural happening. Burning around 50 years, Darvaza Gas Crater with the measurement of 230-feet diameter and 65-feet deep has become as one of the major Turkmenistan Highlights which attracts every tourists during Turkmenistan Tours

In 1971, Turkmenistan with other Central Asian countries was the part of the USSR and a group of scientists and geologists was sent by Soviet to search for the valuable oil fields in Karakum desert. After some time, the geologists thought they found what they have came for. The geologists started to drill the area which has gave the signals about the substantial oil reserves was started.

At the time of drilling, they realized that they are actually drilling into a cavernous shaped store of natural gas. The area could not handled the weight of the equipments and collapsed although no one has harmed. As a domino effect, the ground near to the collapsed place, also collapsed and made a crater.

But there is another problem has risen which was the expose of natural gas from the crater. Natural gas contains mostly methane when mixed up with the oxygen, making it difficult to breathe and sometimes the flammability due to the explosion, causes threat. As a result, the animals of Karakum Desert began to die. So, as a solution, the scientists decided to burn all the poisonous natural gases and light the crater on fire for the few weeks. The few week time has turned into almost of a half-century-long desert bonfire.

But it’s a miracle that the human made disaster make the best place for Darvaza- Top Places to Visit in Turkmenistan Tours.

Location Of Darvaza Gas Crater :

Darvaza Gas Crater is located in Derveze village in the niddle of AKarakum desert of the central Turkmenistan and 260 kilometers from Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

Darvaza Gas Crater
Darvaza Gas Crater
Darvaza Gas Crater

Darvaza Gas Crater Highlighted Point Of This Attraction :

Asked by many travellers in curiosity in Turkmenistan Tour FAQs that whether the Darvaza Gas Crater is man made or not ? Then, the answer is the gas crater is totally manmade as we are not aware about the natural gases under the ground of the earth which are not exposed till now.

Among Turkmenistan Places Of Attractions, the intriguing and delightful Darvaza gas crater is on the top of the list.

To watch Darvaza gas crater, you should visit at night, when you can see the fire from miles away. For Turkmenistan Transfers to visit Darvaza Crater or the Gate of the Hell, you can book a car from Ashgabat which can take 4 hour to reach the crater. For an easy Transportation in Turkmenistan, you can book in the most reliable and experienced tour operator in Ashgabat.

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