Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar

Overview About Chorsu Bazaar :

Chorsu Bazaar has an overall history of 100 plus years and it was the traditional bazaar of ancient times. Chorsu Bazaar is the largest and the oldest bazaar in the Tashkent. We can see a huge complex with blue-colored doom in the bazaar. Chorsu Bazaar was set up to sell the daily needs of people in and around. The name Chorsu means crossroad, it came due to the fair which was set up, where all the goods arrived and were taken to other routes of north, south, east and west for trade.

We in Chorsu Bazaar can see a huge number of sellers, selling a variety of products, daily needs such as a variety of bread, fruits, vegetables. The largest part of the ground floor is a meat market with fresh lamb meat, beef, horse meat and the fish is available. Dry fruits, nuts, spices, dairy products, cheese.

Chorsu Bazaar
Chorsu Bazaar
Chorsu Bazaar

The bazaar is very famous for its delicious Uzbek Cuisines such as Honim, Norin, etc., and it also offers very delicious foods such as soups, kebabs, bread, and Uzbek Plov (Lamb Pilaf). Ideally, it is for the food lovers who enjoying tasting such a delicacy, a must-visit spot. In Chorsu Bazaar we can find good quality of silk, art and craft goods such as carpets, pottery, painted plates, where hand-made souvenirs are sold by the experts of applied art.

The best time would be to visit Chorsu Bazaar is in peak hours where most of the items bought by local residents as grocery shopping. Usually, tourists visit Chorsu in spring April to May) and the autumn seasons September to December of every year. The summers are very uncomfortable and hot.

In ancient times traders had to face lots of problems such as war attacks, robbery, etc. while moving from one place to another. Chorsu Bazaar has survived throughout and it has maintained the history of its survival and the pride and honor of Tashkent.

Due to its fame and availability of all the day-to-day goods and materials at very reasonable prices, the bazaar has its own variety of products make Chorsu Bazaar a must place to visit. It has been a center of attraction for the tourist visiting Tashkent. If you are visiting bazaar on your trip without missing than you are utilizing your trip at its best.

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