Bukhara Restaurants

Bukhara Restaurants

Known as the ancient city and had been the center of different empires or dynasties for a different time, Bukhara is the most highlighted city which offers both beautiful monuments and most famous Bukhara Restaurants. On Bukhara Tours, you can enjoy dining at different restaurants of your choice.

Overview Of Bukhara Restaurants

As a home of ancient economy and 140 architectural monuments, Bukhara has got the name in food, cultural diversities, amazing destinations, souvenirs, and also the major place for Uzbekistan Tours. Bukhara Restaurants are famous at the international level for providing wide varieties of Uzbek traditional foods, cuisines of a different country, melodies, folk dances, bars, night party, and many more.

Bukhara Restaurants and Cafes provide mainly national cuisines: Bukharan pilaf, baracha, Bukharan big samosas, and salads mostly dressed with mayonnaise. One can find dishes of European cuisine, dietary salads, and cuisines of different countries. Bukhara restaurants and cafes usually are located in historical centers close to the main sights.

Bukhara Restaurants are the perfect places to spend the leisure time and also for the night out party.

Best Restaurants In Bukhara


With the most attractive exterior and fantastic roof terrace, Minzifa is located in the center of the old part of the city. Minzifa consists of two halls and a terrace that looks like the ancient part of Bukhara. Minzifa is one of the Best Restaurants In Bukhara. This restaurant also hosts live music by piano and violin and national dance show.


The restaurant is a two-story building fronting the LyabiHauz and known as the most luxurious Bukhara Dinner Restaurants. The most delicious cuisines of the different regions you can avail here such as tasty Russian, European, and Central Asian mains, etc.

Chinar Chaikhana

ChinarChaikhana is a full restaurant and bar rather than just a teahouse. It offers food on Uzbek classics and varieties of salads.

Bella Italia

As it got the name as Bella Italia, it offers decent Italian food and located on the eastern edge of the old town. It also provides for outdoor seating and enjoying the delicious vegetarian foods.


Enjoying the venerable pool with your friends, local families, and Russian tourists are an exceptional Bukhara experience. The chaikhana-style restaurant serves shashlyk, plov, and kovurmalaghman.

Budreddin Restaurant

Located on the western side of Lyabi-Hauz, Budreddin Restaurant offers to experience the madrassa-style courtyard with the most tranquil environment and the amazing sound of the violin. For the people who want vegetarian food, stuffed peppers, vine leaves, and wine is available in the glass.

Old Bukhara Restaurant

Old Bukhara Restaurant has tables that are set around a pleasant tree-filled courtyard and a peaceful environment on the terraces and roof. You can get fish baked in puff pastry, sumochki of fried beef dumplings, and Uzbek wine by the glass.

Chashmai Mirob

ChashmaiMirob is known for the fabulous view of the Mir-i-Arab and Kalon Mosque while enjoying delicious dishes.

Bolo Hauz Chaikhana

Opposite to the Ark, Bolo Hauz Chaikana is the best place for a cheap and simple meal of Uzbek salads, soups, pilaf, or noodles.

Bukhara Restaurants
Bukhara Restaurants
Bukhara Restaurants

Enjoy Delicious Food at Different Bukhara Restaurants

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