Boysun Attractions

Boysun Attractions

Boysun Overview :

Experience the intensely preserved relics and ancient traditions in the serene and quieter environment of Boyson which once was a popular Silk Road Route in Central Asia.

The Boysun Attractions attract thousands of tourists from across the world who visit this place as part of the most popular Uzbekistan Destinations on their exciting yet cherishing Uzbekistan Tours in Central Asia.

What is transportation like in Boysun?

Travel through the most fascinating Boysun Attractions in the most preferred means of transport is a car. Rail transportation is also preferred by many travelers. Two trains at night depart from Tashkent to arrive at Boyson daily.

Boysun Attractions
Boysun Attractions
Boysun Attractions

History of Boyson :

The Baysun Town in Uzbekistan which had been inhabited by the faiths and religions of many diverse cultures in the pre-historic times, even hosted early nomads who had settled here before the invasion of other dynasties in this town. Due to its isolation from the important hub towns, the city has witnessed neglect of many kinds from the Government and many private organizations. This has resulted in the conservation of many old traditional practices and rituals.

Boysun Attraction Highlights :

Some of the Boysun Attractions that you will encounter on your enthralling journey of Uzbekistan Tours are mentioned below. The many beautiful and enchanting Uzbekistan Destinations that you will witness are sure leave lasting impressions of a lifetime on you.

  • Teshik-Tash Cave: Gained popularity in 1938 after the discovery of the Neanderthal Boy. According to the scientists, the boy was just 10 years old during a burial with a certain ritualistic practice of ancient times. His portrait based on the remnants that were collected is part of the Termez museum today! However, the most interesting factor is the process in which the cave was named. There was a whitewashed stone which was recovered here and was called by the locals as Teshik Tash or the Leaky Stone as it was considered sacred. That's how the cave got its name in the honor of the stone.

  • There are many rock art or petroglyphs, with not so aesthetic the drawings that you will encounter here. These drawings skillful portray a bull hunt which the archeologists have suggested depicts the Mesolithic era.

  • Omonkhon Spring: The healing waters of the spring attract many visitors across the world.

  • You can sightsee across the many villages that fall on the route like the Rabat, Kofrun, Padang, Derbent, and more which have plentiful plantations of plane trees and walnut groves, that grow in abundance here.

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Truly the best things in life are free. The many Uzbekistan Attractions which are its best are especially in the months of Spring when the weather enhances the beauty of the place. Spring and Autumn are the Best Time To Visit Uzbekistan and our Uzbekistan Travel Advice to all our clients is to try to visit the country during this time. Our Uzbekistan Travel Guide For Backpapers is to start planning early to enjoy a hassle-free journey across the country.

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