Barakh-khan Madrasah

Barakh-khan Madrasah

Overview About Barakh-khan Madrasah :

Located at Khast Imam Square in Zarqaynar Street to the east of Chor-Su bazaar, Barak-Khan Madrasah can be found on the opposite of the museum of most ancient relic.

Well-known as the centre of scientists, philosophers and scholars of Islam, Barakh-Khan Madrasah is one of the Tashkent Attractions as it has the rich collections of oriental manuscripts. Due to the speciality of keeping the world famous Koran of Caliph Osman which is the primary source of holy Islam book, it is famous as Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Central Asia. During Uzbekistan Tours, a visit to this Madrasah can gives the opportunity to see the huge holy book of Islam written in the mid 17th century.

Barakh-khan Madrasah
Barakh-khan Madrasah
Barakh-khan Madrasah

History Of Barakh-khan Madrasah

Barak-Khan Madrasah was built during 16th century by order of Nauruz Ahmad- Khan, the governor of Tashkent and the grandson of Mirzo Ulugbek, to dedicate his father Suyunidzh-khan. As Nauruz Ahmad-Khan ruler was known for the good luck, the name of madrasah turned into "Barak-Khan" or "Lucky ruler." In 1532, the construction of Barakh-Khan Madrasah was completed.

According to the historian, Caliph Osman was murdered while reading this book and the drops of blood fall on this book. The Koran of Osman was kept in Medina and then transferred to Damascus, Bagdad and finally transferred to the Central Asia during the reign of the Timurid dynasty. During 15th century, the Koran was found in Samarkand with dried blood stains. For the first time the Koran got the place at the court of Mirzo Ulugbek, the Amir Timur's grandson.

After the Russian conquest, the Koran of Osman was transferred to St. Petersburg, before the revolution. In 1924, the Koran was sent to Uzbekistan but the governor General Konstantin von Kaufman sent it to the Imperial Public Library in St-Petersburg. At the end of 20th century, the Koran was handed to the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan.

Barakh-khan Madrasah Highlighted Point Of This Attraction

Barakh-Khan Madrasah, one of the Tashkent Attractions, was built of brick and crowned by the three blue domes. On Uzbekistan Tours, the doors of cells or khudjras and the gate of madrasah are decorated with ivory and non-ferrous metals.

But in the ancient time, calotte of the dome of the Barakh-Khan Madrasah was designed with sky blue tiles while the drum of the dome was specifically designed with mosaic octagonal star and the walls looked gorgeous with gold paintings. The central entrance of Barak-Khan Madrasah looks attractive for the ceramic mosaics and paintings. As the complex has two mausoleums, one is found in the east side of the complex whereas the second mausoleum with two domes was built on the burial place of Suyundzh-Khan.

On the Day Tour In Tashkent, the ancient manuscript of 353 parchment pages with the Koran original text can be seen.

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