Andijan Attractions

Andijan Attractions

Andijan City Overview :

Known as one of the densely eastern populated cities, Andijan city is the administrative centre in eastern Uzbekistan in Andijan province. Like other cities of Uzbekistan with different specialties, Andijan also has some uniqueness. Among all of the Andijan Attractions, Jami Complex and Khanabad Park are famous. During Uzbekistan Tours, you can see a mosque, a madrassa, a tomb of a commander, and a museum of Babur in Jami complex as the major Tourist Attractions In Andijan. With few oil refineries, Andijan city is a centre of oil production. Cotton production is one of the dominant economic activities.

Andijan Attractions
Andijan Attractions
Andijan Attractions

History Of Andijan City :

Dating back to the 9th'century AD, Andijan City was one of the famous Uzbekistan Destinations through which the Great Silk Road passed and the city was also known as the eastern gate of Fergana Valley. During 10th'century Andijan was the part of the Samanids Empire.

In 1483, Zakhritdin Muhammad Babur, the descendant of Amir Timur and the founder of Mughal Empire in India, was born here. On the same year, Andijan became the major trading centre and the capital of the Ferghana State. After ruling over two decades in Kabul, he captured Delhi in 1526 and founded the Mughal Empire in India.

As the city was a part of the Kokand khanate, Andijan city was located in the centre of modern Kokand. Andijan city was captured by Russian forces in 1876. The last local rebellion took place in Andijan City against the Russian Tsarist rule in 1898. In 1902, an earthquake destroyed old part of the city and killed more than 4000 people in 1902.

Andijan City Location :

Located in southeastern part of Fergana valley, Andijan city can be found 475 km east of Tashkent in Uzbekistan Tours.

Sightseeing Locations In City Of Andijan

Sightseeing in Andijan city includes the major Andijan Attractions, such as Khanabad park in city, also famous as Uzbekitan Switzerland. As Andijan City comes under the major Uzbekistan Destinations, it is the home for some sites which are also known as sacred places. Other famous Andijan Attractions are Imam-Ota Shrines, Tuzlik Masar, Ok Gur, Shirmanbulak spring and Babur's House.

Historical and Architectural Monuments of Andijan :

Counted among the major Andijan Attractions, Jami Madrasa with impressive architectural work stands with a Jami Mosque and a minaret, are in a large complex with an area of 1.5 hectares. Jima Mosque's monumental facade along with artistic expression is unique. Jami Mosque and Madrasa is one of the Best Places To Visit In Andijan city. Ershi, the ruins of the fortress can be seen which the capital of Davan, the ancient state was

Visiting and exploring the collection of art and history to know about the reign of Babur in Babur Museum is one of the Best Things To Do In Andijan.

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